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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

When a patient uses a partial or complete denture as a replacement for missing teeth, sometimes his or her dental arch is not suitable to receive the denture as is. In cases like these, the shape of their mouth can sometimes be surgically prepared to receive a prosthesis and, once the mouth is fully prepared to support the prosthesis comfortably, the denture can be placed. This surgical process will help prevent any discomfort or afflictions that may arise from an improper fit.

There are various pre-prosthetic procedures available to prepare your mouth for a denture. The procedure you undergo will be dependent on your mouth’s individual needs. Common pre-prosthetic procedures include

  • Exposure of impacted teeth

  • Smoothing or reshaping of the jaw bone

  • Removal of excess gum tissue or bone

  • Reduction in the size of the alveolar ridge


Many patients wonder why their mouth can’t support a prosthesis, and the answer is in our genetics. Just like we all have different physical attributes (hair color, eye color, and face shape), we all have different shaped jaws and types of gum tissue. Sometimes, the jaw bone is not perfectly shaped to accommodate tooth replacements, and this can make daily activities such as chewing your food extremely difficult or even painful. Any prosthesis you receive should be placed in a stable manner that will be comfortable for you to wear long-term.

Since the denture rests on the bone ridge, ensuring the best fit is critical so that the mouth maintains the proper shape and size necessary for the dentures to fit long-term. With pre-prosthetic surgery, Dr. James can reshape your mouth to help your prosthesis feel comfortable and secure.

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