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Cosmetic Injectables


BOTOX (or Xeomin) injections are the most popular of all physician-administered cosmetic procedures today. This simple, non-surgical treatment is performed by Dr. James and provides a simple and quick remedy to eliminate wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet produced by muscular movement. The muscles that cause wrinkles vary in location and size from person to person. Dr. James will determine where injections will give you the most effective and desirable results.


A BOTOX procedure will help your skin return to its natural texture and is an affordable way to rejuvenate your facial appearance and create a refreshed, more youthful looking appearance. The entire treatment only takes about 15 minutes to complete with no recovery period. While results may vary, most patients’ skin stays firm and smooth for up to six months after treatment. BOTOX can also be used to reduce underarm perspiration for up nine months.

Botox is $15 per unit

Xeomin is $12 per unit



Facial fillers are used to remove deep to moderate folds and wrinkles in the forehead adding volume and rejuvenating the face. These injectable gels are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your skin. These minimally invasive injections can refill the face’s lost volume by lifting the skin and soft tissue of the face to give a more youthful looking appearance.


Dermal fillers can be used around the eyes to add volume, erasing under eye circles and depressions. They also lift and add volume to the lips.


Volume fillers are a great adjunct to BOTOX® to treat the aging face due to skin laxity. Come in for a consultation and ask Dr. James how a liquid facelift renew and rejuvenate your face.


We offer fillers of the following types:


  • Juvéderm

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